Android Kernel for Nokia N8xx

I just merged some android patch files and created a new patch for diablo based kernel, kernel-source-diablo-2.6.21. The following patch works with diablo kernel and can be compiled on scratchbox that is configured as normal maemo kernel build environment.

What's new

  1. Now trying to apply diablo+android patch (m3? m5?) to 2.6.22 kernel
  2. created subversion repository for this project in my source tree

Kimitake 2008/10/02 00:21

Latest version

Download kernel-diablo-android-v2.patch.bz2

  1. rotation support for maemo

Previous version

Download kernel-diablo-android-m5-rc14.patch.bz2

  1. touchscreen
  2. some hardware key

How to use this kernel

  1. Setup scratchbox for diablo kernel build
  2. get diablo kernel
  3. patch
  4. build zImage and flash it to your N8xx

Also need to setup Android filesystem and starter script etc. to execute Android completely.


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